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The Modern Agent needs Leverage.

Let HomeFile be your Support System

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Our founder, Jessica Stanley, is a real estate agent who understands firsthand just how overwhelming the job can sometimes feel. She started HomeFile to help agents like you both grow their business and improve their quality of life. 


The modern mindset of having to “do it all” by working 24/7 can get old, fast. The world’s most successful business people know that while they cannot clone themselves, they CAN outsource tasks to individuals and companies they trust.

So, practice self-care: call HomeFile, then schedule that overdue yoga class or happy hour with friends! You can be fully present in your personal life knowing that HomeFile has your back in your professional one.


We invite you to experience the peace of mind that comes from not jumping every time you hear a “ding”. When you choose HomeFile, you get to actually enjoy your life because you are no longer on edge thinking about that thing you just know you are forgetting.

Put your phone on airplane mode, book that spa treatment, and RELAX…

HomeFile Has you covered!

We are a woman-owned Transaction Management company serving Agents in the D.C. Metro Area 
Today’s consumers have an “on-demand” mentality; they want to be in the loop and expect immediate answers to questions in regards to the status of their transaction.
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